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Hệ thống kết nối tác giả viết content
Giúp bạn đặt tác giả viết content, các loại bài viết SEO, PR, Review. Công cụ tính giá theo thị trường content. Quản lý dự án content online, báo cáo bài viết tự động.

The system connecting the authors to write content

It helps you to get your content, SEO, PR and Review Content completed by the authors. The tool calculates based on the content market rate. The system manages the online content projects and report the content automatically.

Don’t know how to set content plan?

Features of the Content System

Please see the instructions on how to activate the content project in details after ordering

  • Easily to choose the suitable content options
  • Calculate the strategic content costs accurately
  • Start writing the content immediately right after the project is activated
  • Reliable and highly capable authors
  • A variety of authors boost the idea diversity
  • Fast Service and Transparent Report
  • Be able to communicate directly with the authors in the content
  • Control the quality using automatic system

Content Writing Procedure

Working24 Content Writing Procedure includes basic steps during the whole content project. This procedure coordinates the support from the clients, authors and other mechanisms which helps to facilitate the working process to be automatic and more convenient for the content writing.

After you successfully order a suitable content package, the system will show you the above mentioned steps, you do not have to remember those steps because working24 will remind you every single detail whenever there is any step which is finished in the content project.

Please see the instructions on how to activate the content project after ordering

  1. The procedures of choosing the content package, getting the quote and ordering the content

Tháng 1, 2019

Getting the quote

Choose the suitable package for your content and get the quote

Tháng 1, 2019

Prepay for the service

Prepay for the chosen content package as per the instruction

Tháng 1,2019

Confirm the payment

Our accounting system will confirm your payment and send you the notification

2. The procedures of activating the content project and commencing the content writing


Provide information

Clients provide the necessary information as per the instruction for the authors to use as the content input

Working 24

Commence writing your content

Our authors commence writing the activated content project. The writing progress will be reported to you in details.


Do adjustments to your content

You can ask the authors to do adjustments to your content to make it better (if needed)

3. The procedures of reporting and finalizing the content project

Tháng 1,2019

Send the final report

We will send you the final report and complete your project

Tháng 1,2019

Evaluate the quality

Evaluate the content project quality and the authors working on your project

Tháng 1, 2019

Save information

Save the workings and upgrade any related procedures

Demo for the contents which were completed in the projects

Demo for the content writing service – the completed content in our reports

Our samples for PR, SEO, Review, Sale Page and Standard Contents are divided as per the options available in our Content Pricing Tool. The content samples will continue to be updated as per request.

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content – Standard Content Package (text only)

Profitable investment with shops – Richmond City Real Estate Project

Shops, Richmond City Real Estate Project – the pioneer in the business trend

How to treat your tooth cavity at home safely?

SEO Content – Article Package (include images)

Where to buy cheap but good quality wooden furniture in Saigon?

The diversity in internal home design in Sai Gon

The reasons why you should choose the Jac 4-wheel drive Truck

SEO Content – Poster Package (include posting the content on your website with standard format)

The Moonlight Boulevard Apartment continues the success of the Moonlight Apartment Series

The benefits of choosing to buy the Moonlight Boulevard Apartment

Internal design ideas for 3-year-old boys

PR and SEO Content

The PR Content Sample has more than 1000 words on average to make sure that the authors could provide enough ideas for the PR Content. The PR Content Samples are also collected from the authors who have experience with the Standard and SEO Content Projects. The Content Sample is demonstrated as per the PR Content Structure, which is designed to fit to different products and industries.

You will see that the SEO process for a PR Content Sample is more difficult compared with just writing a SEO Content Sample. The PR Content Sample has the length as twice as that of the SEO Content Sample – that is the reason why the flexibility in word and phrase choices when writing about every single industry for the SEO process requires way more writing abilities and understanding regarding the related industries.

PR Content – Content Package (text only)

Do not omit the tips to take WOW selfies – get awesome gifts at Seed & Tree

Tips to choose the makeup cream for a perfect foundation

Best Imported liquid blush for perfect white skin

PR Content – Business Introduction and PR – Content Package (text only)

Company to make shirt uniforms

“Xuong may dong phuc gia re” Company at Ho Chi Minh City

PR Content – Product Introduction and PR – Content Package (text only)

Products from black soldier flies

Honda CB400 2018 VS Yamaha SR400 2018

Stretching concrete products imported from Europe – Lk Material

PR Content – Cosmetics Introduction and PR – Content Package (text only)

Which are the best Face wash for acnes and dark spots?

Introduction for the Lespoir Brand – the luxurious cosmetics brand – safe for skin

Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Eye Cream

Do you know about the Princess White Green Skin Set?

PR Content – Article Package (includes images)

Images including in a PR Content Sample need to have thoroughness to avoid making the readers feel bored. For example, if you choose just one type of images for the products, it will cause duplicate image content and it will be less attractive. In order to use the image content in a flexible way, the PR Content Sample Structure is required to be constructed in a logic order. The demonstration of images for a PR Content Sample will also include many ways. Currently, you can see there are such ways like: avatar, side images, illustrated images, diagram images, advertised banners or sales banner for the products which need the PR.

Is it necessary to be equipped with protective clothing?

How the company culture affects the choice of uniform

Tips to choose T-shirt Uniform to define your brand

PR Content – Introduction and PR for household furniture – Article Package (includes images)

Advices on how to choose industrial wooden floor for small, interior home decoration with good quality

What is modern-and-classical interior design? Why it is called that way?

Sofa T-van for interior design

How to design apartment 50m2 simply with only smart household furniture

Advices on how to choose household furniture for an apartment

Furniture Design for Beautiful Gardening Cafes at Tay Ninh

How to do interior design for kid bedrooms

Sale Page Content

Full of plots and parts to make a successful deal

TSL Event – Specializing in sales and purchases, leasing, install sound and lighting devices, set up stages, blinds and professional musical instruments – Surprising Deal!

Secrets from natural herbals Tieu Duong Hoan – reassure patients with Diabetes Type 2

Everything about Queen Pearl Project in Mui Ne

Common Questions for the Content Writing Service

What is a content which is 100% new, no copy

The content which is in Working 24 Project with the option “100% new, no copy” will be checked by Copyscape Premium. The content meets Copyscape standard and checking method for online copied content.

Please see more details on how to check using Copyscape

What if I do not tick the option “100% new, no copy”?

If you do not tick the option “100% new, no copy”, our system will skip the step for checking copied content. The content is not guaranteed by our system regarding copied content by the authors.

Regarding content topics, if I choose and provide the sample + keyword list to you, can you rewrite the content from my information?

When you provide the request regarding the content once the project is activated, you will be given the ideas to provide the title, key words and required structure (if any). In case that you do not provide such information or you need the support to create titles, key words and structure, our supporters will automatically activate the project as per default.

How long does it take to review the titles, and how long does it take to finish 1 content?

This question is particularly concerned by the working 24 new clients. However, our loyal clients rarely raise their concerns regarding this issue. This relates to many factors such as:

  1. Do you provide enough information for the project?
  2. Is the author ready to get your task on our system?
  3. Difficulty Level of the Content
  4. The capability and Responsibility between two parties and how quick the correspondence is
  5. Deadline Estimate based on the working history

Currently, our required time to process 10 contents is roughly 24h and the estimate time required to process the first content is 2h.

Please see more details regarding our system’s deadline information here