10+ funniest sales articles on facebook

The cool sales articles on facebook attract customers to make you admire. Perhaps sometimes you will feel self-deprecating because your shop is not known and supported as much. So what is the secret behind these articles? This article will reveal to you the secrets that you can apply in your business process, ensuring that you will no longer have time to worry about nonsense but only focus on shipping packages to customers.

10+ funniest sales articles on facebook

Articles selling cosmetics attract thousands of likes

We often surf facebook for entertainment and we always tend to be interested in emerging trends, hit lines in songs of famous singers. Because of that, many shops have grasped the psychology of customers, they use those trends in selling their products to make us more interested and interested.

The article selling lipstick bearing Van Mai Huong's character made many people stop and read to the end of the article, and this is the secret for them to attract the attention of a large number of facebook users.

Articles selling lipstick tend to catch the cult trend

Top selling articles on facebook must hit the psychology and preferences of users. Actually, Van Mai Huong's song Proposal has been out for quite a while, but has recently re-emerged as a hit. And Oh My Girl cosmetic shop took advantage of the "once in a thousand years opportunity" to advertise its own products. This is the first secret to make your sales post on facebook get a lot of attention and attention.

Or another humorous but equally cute sales article of a shop selling acne products also makes you admire. The words in the sales article are not necessarily sensational, sometimes just gentle, rhyming and reasonable to make customers super satisfied from the beginning of the article. A few lines of poetry but hidden information shop owners need to convey is not an easy thing when selling on facebook, but if you can do that, your chances of success have already surpassed others by one level.

Articles selling acne products on facebook

The most funny and coolest article to sell clothes on facebook

Articles selling clothes with catchy sayings

Sales articles with cute invitations

The common point of articles selling clothes on facebook are often humorous, playful and gentle sayings. Sometimes it doesn't have to be a very long status, stating the advantages of the product you sell, but just a brief word, but where there are hot things on social networks, viewers are also attracted. suck.

The sale article attracted thousands of likes, hundreds of people had to go to the shop immediately

Thus, the secret for you to produce cool, funny and attractive sales articles is that you have to follow the trend continuously. Understanding the psychology of customers will help you be more successful in your online business. At the present time, we do not have to stay in one place, wait for each customer to come, then we enthusiastically advise, but we must actively seek customers, attract customers' attention and by every way must improve the quality of your service. Only then will you be able to compete in the online sales environment.

Hot selling, funny articles on facebook are mostly created according to a common formula.

Through the best selling articles, attracting the viewers listed above. You can easily see that they all have something in common, which is to say exactly what the customer likes. Let's say you are a shopper, you are surfing facebook to find a dress you like but the shop status is too long, the first thing you do is you will quickly scroll through, find another post that looks funny. and be more playful instead of having to read every word in a rather long passage? That's right, so when selling you need to be alert, not just analyzing the advantages of the product is ok.

For example, you are selling weight loss and skin whitening products on facebook and you post the following article:

“ABC mute reduction products are made from 100% natural, tested and certified by the Ministry of Health, so you can rest assured to use them.

The product with the top criterion is to help women lose weight quickly, get in shape after 1 week of use. Especially combined with DEF skin whitening pills, it will help us quickly have a beautiful, white skin, and have a hot sexy body like in our twenties..."

With a sale article on facebook like above, you will certainly not be able to compete with the ideas of writing funny sales articles, catching the trend of other shops. Instead, you should take advantage of the current emerging trends to attract more Facebook users' attention:

“Challenge 6 days 6 nights persistently taking weight loss pills, applying skin cream

Friends invited to go out to drink did not go, lovers invited to go out did not go, all just focused on reducing dumbness and skin care. Gothic"

Below those status lines, you attach a few funny images related to your product, you will surely attract more customers.

Hopefully with the above tips to post sales on facebook funny, cool, catch the trend as above will help your business get better and better, smoother sailing.

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