1001+ best sales article templates of all time


Promotional article is one of the articles that make your product more popular, easy to link with customers. Are you out of ideas when writing articles? Do not know how to write your article to become popular and attract customers. Don\'t worry, here are the best selling samples to make your writing more tasteful and attract customers in the most effective way. These are the 3 best online sales articles that we have compiled, hope it will help you a little.

1. Sales article type review:

Today, more and more articles in the form of advertising are not attracted to customers. Under that situation, some brands have changed their sales style from normal product advertising to writing sales articles in the form of reviews. This is a relatively new form and is becoming increasingly popular. Why is this form becoming more and more popular? According to many reliable sources, the majority of consumers said: they trust the recommendations of others more than the businesses. Therefore, more and more people write articles under the form of reviews to increase the level of product reliability for customers. For articles of a review nature, businesses must state the advantages and disadvantages of that product, its age-appropriateness, the degree of scent retention, Are there any irritating ingredients? To write this type of article, businesses must first learn about products from A to Z, identify media audiences, experience products, and consult ideas. A review article will create a customer\'s level of trust in the product, in addition to increasing the value of the business\'s product. All products from home themes, objects to cosmetics can use this type of post to attract customers. this is a Objects to cosmetics can all use this type of post to attract customers. this is a Objects to cosmetics can all use this type of post to attract customers. this is a Good sample articles that customers are most interested in.

Sample sales articles about perfume products:

In order for a sales article to attract customers in addition to posting regularly, at the right time, you need to pay attention to the content of the article as follows:

  • Beautiful images that attract customers.
  • Understand product information detail product description such as fragrance, natural ingredients
  • Professional consulting
  • There are many more attractive offers
  • Use good perfume sales content sayings

For example:

“Ladies, a man won\'t remember what brand of handbag you wear, but he will remember your perfume”

Chloé is a famous perfume brand. This brand has just released a scent that is memorable from the first meeting, gentle, attached, a little dreamy with a little bit of flightiness. Chloé Naturelle is like a quiet and soaring note that makes the girls dreamy and never leave. It represents the aristocratic elegance of Rose with a hint of orange blossom and a bit of grassy scent of a sunny day.

Chloé Naturelle not only conquers customers with a gentle scent but also creates an eye-catching and attractive appearance. This product is always addictive for all ages because of the quintessence blended in the product. However, there is a small minus point is that the incense does not last long.

  • 100% genuine guarantee.
  • Buy 1 get 5 free for new products.
  • Gifts worth up to 6 million VND applied for orders from 1.5 million.
  • The product is exactly the same, allowing free return if the item is damaged.
  • Free shipping when buying two bottles of Chloé Naturelle perfume.
  • Order today as quantities are limited.

Hotline: 19001987 for free consultation.

2. Types of sales articles that hit customer psychology:

This is an article that creates a high level of curiosity for customers, with strong attraction because of its strong and attractive writing style. To write this type of article, you must first thoroughly understand the problem that today\'s customers often face, thereby evoking its importance. And what you need to achieve is to describe the problem clearly, specifically and simply. Next is to stir up and provoke that problem, when the customer has enough understanding of their problem, your job is to grasp the customer\'s mind quickly and from there come up with a reasonable solution. best. The final step is the solution, this is the step for you to prove that behind a rain a great rainbow will appear, a place where your product will descend like a fairy to help them transform. everything gets better.Sample sales of cosmetics and beauty products:

  • The problem is being encountered.
  • Deeply analyze the problem.
  • Problem solving.

For example:


*Skin aging rapidly, wrinkles and crow\'s feet appear.

The skin begins to become rough, severely dehydrated.

Big pores.*


Not confident even with makeup.

Make the makeup layer become patchy, do not create accents.

It costs too much but the skin is still not improved.


This is almost a common condition, mainly caused by a lack of collagen and supplements for the body.

Do not take good care of your face, lack of moisturizer, do not apply sunscreen whether outdoors or indoors, do not regularly exfoliate the skin.

To solve the above problems, you can contact the hotline 19008989 for more thorough advice, and provide product information suitable for your facial skin condition.

3. Format the article in the form of catching errors:

To develop this type of article, you will point out the mistakes in women\'s beauty that lead to unnecessary consequences, so that the article can attract customers, you should give it a real title. Use a strong, sharp argument and then cleverly lure customers into the use of the product you are advertising. Cosmetics is always the first choice for this article.

Sample sales of makeup remover:

  • Attractive images, realistic videos.
  • Clear information about ingredients, product quality.
  • Delicate and professional customer consultation.
  • Many attractive offers.

For example:

It\'s not wrong to want to be cheap and cheap before your age.

You always struggle between whether to buy cheap or expensive cosmetics for your facial skin, if it\'s cheap, you\'re afraid of not-so-good and expensive things that won\'t fit. When you use a cheap product of poor quality, how much will your facial skin be affected? Is the skin fast against acne (hidden acne, inflammatory acne, acne), the level of fast aging? The condition of the skin on the face is becoming darker and darker? Throw away the cleanser you\'re using right away, that\'s the cause of your facial skin getting worse and worse.

Why not try to buy yourself a face wash with affordable girls whose quality can\'t be beat? Facial cleanser is one of the indispensable products in the process of taking care of your skin. Don\'t worry, come to our store, We have a wide range of products that are both suitable for students, suitable for girls in their 30s, and also suitable for middle-aged people.

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