How to build travel advertising articles, from +15 top sample

Is it so difficult to build and optimize travel advertising articles in this competitive market time? If you are also worried about this content topic, today's article must be extremely helpful for you. Just based on the top 15 sample articles below and know how to choose and apply flexibly, you will certainly save a lot of effort and time for travel advertising articles while still ensuring quality, attract readers. Let's start exploring.

How to build a travel advertisement article from a sample article

1. Immediately write the advantages of the travel and tourism unit to open or briefly list in the body of the travel advertising article

The templates for opening travel advertising articles bring confidence and solve worries for customers

In addition to building trust for customers because of the company's superiority, this is also a sample of travel advertising articles that strike at the fear of traveling far away because of jostling, crowding, tight prices or inadequacies. other. The schedule information is interesting and clear, especially the locations with popular activities such as taking pictures of hunting clouds, cable car, etc.

Sample 1:

Hesitating for fear that famous tourist destinations will be jammed with people on the upcoming Valentine's Day? This issue [Name of unit] is all calculated in advance for an extremely wonderful schedule as follows:

  • O Long tea hill at 6:00 – Great time to hunt clouds
  • The Five Caves of On Village at 8:00 – Enjoy a delicious breakfast

Sample 2:

To comfortably travel without fear of price cuts, avoid booking hotels and restaurants of poor quality – Then come to the tour team of a travel agency [...]. With a team of tour guides with many years of field experience in Vung Tau, we guarantee:

  • Visitors will reach the most important attractions.
  • Rent quality hotels, good prices without intermediaries.

Sample 3:

Hoi An tour is convenient for the entire time of tourists to be most complete.

The destination of Hoi An is always very popular, but the distance from the airport to the old town is quite far, which makes many people feel discouraged. Grasping that mentality, we have opened a convenient deal as follows:

  • There is a car to pick up at Chu Lai airport, Da Nang, no waiting, no passively catching the car.
  • There is no additional fee to move the car to each location in the tour schedule.

Sample 4:

Proud to be a longtime travel and tour company, with a lot of experience and innovation in the field. We continue to bring you the best travel experience packages this holiday season. It is our pleasure to accompany you with both sincerity and enthusiasm in each service.

  • [ tour name ]
  • [ price list ]

Sample 5:

Travel without intermediaries – Utility, sublimation and completeness

As one of the leading units in the field of tourism, [name of unit] we are constantly making efforts to link and expand the scale to make the journey to bring tourists to tourist destinations more convenient, save more.

Selecting [unit name] means that you will be able to automate procedures from plane tickets, train tickets, hotel check-in cards, tickets to tourist attractions, etc. very economical when self-sufficient.

Follow the existing and upcoming tours below:

  • [tour information + price list]

2. At the beginning of the travel advertisement article, get ideas from the weather or major holidays of the year

Flexibility based on weather characteristics, special seasons of tourist destinations to make the article more convincing

The travel advertising articles in this form are quite suitable when referring to places that are resorts that often have typical activities, specific and pleasant climates such as Nha Trang beaches, Phu Quoc island, etc. It will be cold like Sa Pa, Da Lat or bustling with the activities of the floating market in the West of the river, …

Sample 6:

Welcoming the warm sun and sea breeze in Nha Trang

On hot summer days like this, there is nothing better than a peaceful vacation in Nha Trang with cool wind, gentle waves, and calm sea day and night. Register now for the beautiful coastal city tour package to enjoy fully and fully through contact information:…

Sample 7

Wake up all the senses with the cold to look forward to in Da Lat

In the late autumn and early winter days, the temperature was much lower in the city of Da Lat with thousands of flowers and clouds. Would you like to visit in this "standard" weather?

Sample 8:

Avoid the hot southern summer? Come to Vung Tau, blue sea, white sand.

There is nothing better than having fun with the breath of the sea in the hot summer months and enjoying seafood and banh khot specialties in Vung Tau.

Book your tickets now and let's beat the heat with your friends.

Sample 9:

Capturing the beauty of the Northwest festival

The festival of the land of the Northwest sky is very special, at the same time it is the ripe rice season, everyone is jubilant. As a lowland person, you want to experience this wonderful time. Book your tickets now and pack your bags.

Sample 10:

Experience the cuisine and activities of the floating market in the West of the river

The best time for you to visit this place is from mid-August to late November, this is the floating season for you to admire the unique scenery, listen to the sound of the business with the intoxicating folk song. Enjoy the rustic, unforgettable specialties that you can hardly find anywhere else.

We will organize tours throughout the time as above, especially the same price tour ticket for both holidays and weekends.

Contact us now for specific information and to book tickets quickly.

3. Articles advertising tourism aimed at the psychology of “Hunting for promotions”

Use the first lines to highlight the offer

If your company has a strong communication strategy with discounts on train tickets, free airport pick-up or a percentage discount on travel packages, please put it on the top lines of travel advertising articles. your calendar.

Sample 11:

Super-saving travel package – Book tickets now to enjoy the discount.

  • Phu Quoc tourism especially offers a deep discount of up to 30% of the total payment package, but visitors still enjoy all the utilities.
  • Travel to Con Dao with 30% discount on air tickets,…

The number of offers is limited, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or book tickets directly at: […]

Sample 12:

Hoi An package tour price from: 2,999,999 VND/person (including taxes and fees)

Applied throughout the last two weeks of the year (From […] – […] ). It is rare to have such deep promotions, quickly schedule and book a reward ticket for yourself for a year of trying really hard.

Sample 13:

Package travel save up to 50% – Why not now?

Passion for moving must not be easy to do, especially for young people. But seizing big deal opportunities like this is not difficult at all.

Book tickets now to enjoy a 50% discount on the package, applicable to all tours on this October 24, 25, and 26.

Sample 14:

Traveling to Phu Quoc has never been so easy.

Enjoy the package of moving to tour sites, restaurants, hotels (4 stars, 5 stars) with the tourist stimulus price only (20%, 50%) of the regular tour price.

  • 20% off for scheduled tours
  • 50% off for self-sufficient travel

Contact [..] to book tickets

Note: The program may end sooner when the number of offers is exhausted.

Sample 15:

Are you looking for a tour of the type of travel sports such as trekking, climbing, long-term with the most savings?

Then [ tour name + organizer ] is especially suitable for you.

When going in a group of 3 people, the ticket price will be 700,000 VND / person

When going in a group of 5-7 people, the ticket price will be 600,000 VND/person

Especially for groups of 8-10 people, the ticket price is extremely favorable (including snacks) at 499,000 VND / person. Please refer to the detailed schedule as follows:

  • [Specific information or provide information board pictures]

Above are the top 15 travel advertising article templates that are designed to be extremely flexible, short but especially effective, especially if posted on social networking sites facebook, Instagram. With a website, you can insert more information about your company to attract customers. Hope the article is useful for you in the process of consulting the idea of building a travel advertising article.

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