How to have effective and attractive rice advertising articles?

There are many effective forms of advertising, so have you ever heard of advertising articles ? Promotional articles seem to be a familiar keyword for everyone. It seems to have become an indispensable thing, especially for traders. Promotional articles are used for the purpose of marketing that product. The market competes fiercely with each other from product quality, brand names, etc., even advertising is not an exception.

Advertising articles can be considered as a key to opening potential development opportunities for businesses, the higher the number of people accessing the advertising article , the more you are holding an opportunity to bring your products. Get closer to your customers. In other words, all products, whether small or large, need to be elaborated on advertising, rice - food, the main food in every meal of the people needs more investment. Because rice is something everyone knows at home, it is even more difficult when we write articles to advertise rice . But there is nothing to worry about, because this article will give you an extremely useful source of information, helping you to write effective and attractive rice advertising articles!

How to write effective and attractive rice advertising articles?

Find creativity in familiar things

Rice is something that is closely related to people, so business people who want to make a special article about rice must first find out the needs of people such as taste, water level when cooking rice, What color is the rice water when washed, is the quality of the rice prone to worms or not or the plasticity or hardness of the rice after cooking, etc.

Hit the psychology of customers to buy rice

Researching on the needs of consumers to firmly grasp their psychology, hitting strongly on psychology is the first element required for an article on rice advertising.

Most decisions are made based on emotions at the time. When an article about rice advertising suddenly appears in front of them with information that fulfills one of their thoughts when thinking about rice, it will be the most successful lever for customers to decide to use the product. your.

Ask questions when writing articles to promote rice. What does the buyer want to get from his product? Competitors' rice did not meet the needs of customers? What more do they need from the bags of rice available in the house? Is the new taste of rice something they want to experience?

When answering those questions, the answer will be the premise to build a valuable rice advertisement article.

Impress the reader right from the first title

Headlines account for 90% of the effectiveness of a rice ad in particular and most other ads in general. The reason for this 90% figure is that the title decides whether the reader stays or skims. Once the headline doesn't make a strong impression, it means that all the content that follows it will not be able to convey the information to the reader.

What should the title of the rice advertisement article have?

That's why you should focus on the title when writing an article about rice. The title should meet all that you want to convey in the content, ensuring brevity, completeness and honesty.

Focus on beautifying the content

Everyone knows rice is used to cook rice, to eat, etc. Those are the available functions and it's too obvious for everyone. Therefore, do not be busy rambling about what rice brings to readers, but must focus on what this brand's rice products can bring to users. In other words, advertising articles about rice must exploit the benefits and breakthroughs that rice in this brand is different from other places.

Benefits outweigh features

However, note one thing, we are writing articles to promote rice for our brand, so we should not let competitors' brands in, that will sometimes become a double-edged sword. benefit back. The main thing people who read articles about rice ads are interested in is: is rice delicious? Is there a lot of nutrition? Is this object usable? Or is the rice fragrant and flexible?

For example, the audience here, the elderly often have weak teeth, so they can't eat too hard rice, you can take advantage of the audience to add advertising information to the article about rice. Therefore, families with elderly people will consider buying their products when they see that benefit.

Excitement for the reader

You can use tips such as using a countdown timer for discounts, or having promotions, etc. some ways to intrigue the reader, something that urges the reader to want to buy your product. you when reading promotional articles about rice.

Intriguing factors for readers

That's a trick to put pressure on consumers' psychology, it's like an invitation to them to buy rice products, because only a little more time, bargain prices like this will no longer exist,... Readers They may not buy it right away, but when they read such an attractive article about rice, they will start to learn more about rice products. That is, advertisers when writing promotional articles about rice have partially achieved their purpose.

So when you apply the above factors carefully to your advertising article about rice, you will be able to produce an attractive rice advertisement article and achieve the desired effect.

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