How to post sales on lazada

Currently, e-commerce platforms are quite "hot" and effective business means. Among them is Lazada, with many outstanding features, many policies to support organizations and individuals to post booths with many popular items. However, for effective business operations, there needs to be an optimal way to post sales on Lazada. Here I would like to share the steps to post sales on Lazada effectively and quickly.

How to post sales on lazada

What is Lazada?

Lazada is a famous and popular e-commerce platform in Vietnam. At the same time, Lazada is also a reputable shopping address, leading online sales in Southeast Asia.

On Lazada, there are booths for individuals, businesses and companies to post sales including products, services, etc., with a percentage of commission from them. Therefore, the product codes on Lazada are very rich and diverse.

Advantages of selling through lazada e-commerce platform

Posting for sale on Lazada has many advantages in general of a sales form on the e-commerce platform and Lazada's own in particular. So what are the advantages of selling on Lazada e-commerce platform?

  • The items listed for sale on Lazada are rich and diverse
  • Existing booth registration and maintenance fee is 100% free
  • High-end market segment – Lazada Mall is the place to supply 100% genuine goods
  • Enthusiastic support team, often have creative marketing strategies to attract online customers
  • The commission is quite favorable for sellers with 5% for electronic products, 10% for fashion products, 8% for other products.
  • Reaching a large potential customer market, because the rate of online shopping increased sharply due to the outbreak of the epidemic, forming shopping habits and thereby improving the reputation of e-commerce platforms.

Posting on lazzada is easy with these steps

Step 1. Choose a title for the product

This step is quite important to help the product have good visibility on searches on Lazada. How to post a sale on Lazada choose a smart, optimized title as follows:

Product name: clear structure, full-featured focus on the highlights of the product. Also contains the keyword you have chosen, it is required that the keyword must achieve a good display score to attract maximum customers.

The title should contain about 115 – 145 characters for optimal display of the product name. In the product list frame, the maximum number of characters is 50 - 55, on mobile phones only contains 40 - 45 characters, so you need to pay attention to set the number of words in the title accordingly.

Step 2. Select the correct product category

Accurate and detailed selection of products in the category section will help Lazada's search engines easily identify your products to display in searches and improve the efficiency of reach. potential customers.

Step 3. Select attractive product images

Images for sales through e-commerce platforms are extremely important for customers to decide to buy from you or not. Because images are visual means, in addition to information about brand products, there are only images that show product quality, product design, and design. So when you post a sale on Lazada, you should pay attention to this issue.

Requires clear, sharp images, multiple product angles

Minimum image size 500×500 up to 2000×2000, with a priority ratio of 1×1 for 80% frame coverage

It is recommended to use from 2 to 8 images for a product. There should be many photos showing different angles so that customers can see the quality as well as the actual condition, use, and characteristics of the product you are selling. This will give customers the most intuitive view of the product.

Step 4. Detailed Product Description

This is an indispensable part for online products, especially when posting for sale on Lazada, not only so that customers can understand the product clearly, but also a way for your products to show up in priority. search every time customers use search keywords on Lazada.

If the description is full of information, the possibility of your product being on the top will be higher because Lazada tends to use filters to find the product closest to your shopping needs and it will scan the attributes. properties present in the product to show the most relevant results to enhance the application user experience.

Above are all the steps you must keep in mind when selling a product at Lazada. After preparing and completing the above information, we will proceed to enter the information into the items on Lazada according to Lazada's step-by-step instructions.

There are two main ways to post products on Lazada

Post handmade products

First access the Lazada Seller Center admin section, on the top of the page, select Create product.

Then the screen will appear a popup select Self-create products.

At the page add products, then fill in the information according to the available from.

At the last step when you have finished entering the information, be sure to click Save and Done.

Within 24 hours, your product will be approved and you can start trading on Lazada.

Post products in bulk

In the Seller Center section, click on the product section, then select more products and Batch Upload

At the popup that appears, select the section to create a category under the Import tab, select the industry you are doing business in and click on the blue link.

You will be given specific instructions on how to post your products in bulk as well as explanations of the terms in the download file, making it easy to follow the instructions.

You can choose one of two ways to post a sale on Lazada to suit your product.

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