How to write ads on bird’s nest to attract shoppers

The first thing that every customer will surely have to do is to name the product in the ad copy and understand what the ingredients and uses of that product are. Next will be the contemplation through the feedback of previous customers (those who have bought and used bird's nest products) the last thing that is interested by any customer is the price of the product. How's that bird's nest product?

How to write ads on bird's nest to attract shoppers

1. The simplest and most complete understanding of "Swallow's nest"

Salanganes'Nest (swallow's nest) is a kind of food and medicine with high value. As a product close to nature, carefully and meticulously collected and processed, ensuring food hygiene and safety and nutritional value.

2. The uses of "Swallow's nest"

Uses of bird's nest

As a rare product, "Swallow's nest" has many great uses for human health, specifically:

  1. Bird's nest helps strengthen the immune system to fight cancer
  2. Provides eighteen types of amino acids beneficial to the human body such as:
    • Improve psychological diseases;
    • Enhance resistance;
    • Support liver detoxification, prevent cirrhosis, blood sugar problems, heart disease, blood circulation;
    • Support for the training process, help beautiful skin, anti-aging, reduce excess fat, firm body;
    • Enhance male physiological strength;
    • Increase recovery from injury;
    • Has the ability to prevent some diseases related to bacteria and joints;
    • Helps strengthen bones and muscles.
  3. Provides 6 essential hormones: Testosterone, Estradiol; Progesterone; Luteinizing, Follicle-stimulating, Prolactin.
  4. Also provides other elements and minerals.

It can be said that "Swallow's nest" acts as a tonic to help people nourish, improve and preserve human health. "Swallow's nest" is a food with high culinary value. If to choose a product to invest in the health of yourself and your family, "Swallow's nest" is definitely the best and most correct choice.

Yến sào

3. The business locations of "salanganes' nests" are reliable in terms of quality and origin

Salanganes'Nest business location

One of the most confusing things for customers is probably choosing a reputable address to buy quality products. In this article, there are some reliable addresses after learning as follows:

– Thuong Yen Company Limited;
– Spring Salanganes Nest Shop;
– LoveNest's Bird's Nest;
– Tam Cao Viet Company Limited;
– Branch – Kim Linh Company Limited;
– Hoai An Trading Company Limited;
– Cung Dinh Salanganes Nest – Thien Phu Loc Service Trading Investment Company Limited;
– Metro Food Supply Company Limited;
– Song Khoe Production Trading Service Co., Ltd;
– Loan Phat Huy Company Limited;
– Khai Yen One Member Company Limited
– Tan An Binh Dinh Salanganes Nest Company Limited;
– Can Gio Trang Nhi bird’s nest
– Newzone Investment Consulting Service Co., Ltd;
– Salanganes Nest Ngoc Thao Khanh Hoa
– Asiannest Salanganes Nest Company Limited;
– Kim Linh Phat Production Trading Company Limited;

4. What will the price of Salanganes'Nest be compared to the uses it brings?

As mentioned above, those who sell the product "Swallow's nest" must offer the benefits that it brings, then customers bring it out to compare with the price, find it reasonable, and then decide to choose. choose whether to buy or not?

Factors affecting the price of bird's nest:

– Origin: Island nest and home nest;
– Name of the type: Farmed nest, Blood nest, White swiftlet, Red bird, Island nest, ..
– Màu sắc: Trắng ngà, đỏ huyết,…
– Color: Ivory white, blood red, …
– Age of bird’s nest
– Cleanliness : Bird's nest with feathers (raw bird's nest) is different from the bird's nest that has been cleaned of feathers (preliminarily processed bird's nest).
– Fresh bird’s nest
– Size of the bird’s nest
– Packaging, preservation and brand

Price list of Nha Trang's Salanganes'Nest in Khanh Hoa

In short, in order to attract a large and long-term customer base for their brand and product "Swallow's nest", business people must first understand the product, build their brand and reputation in the market. school. Selected products are those that are cherished, preserved and loved by sellers like their own children.

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