How to write advertising articles to attract customers

Are you in need of ideas for a series of lip spray advertising articles but are still struggling to be creative? Then this article is for you, although the article will not contain much professional knowledge, but super quality, it certainly does. That's why right here, let's open the idea box for the lip spray advertising article to capture the psychology of attracting readers right away.

How to write lip spray ads to attract customers

1. Understanding the properties of lip spray advertising articles

Capture the psychology from the first words

You probably also know that a lip spray promotion article will be extremely competitive because it seems that this beauty niche is becoming more and more popular. Of course, there are many difficulties for your article to reach readers in the most optimal way, but think positively, this is an area with many potential customers in this day and age and writers. In the lip spray ad, not everyone knows how to gain trust from someone who doesn't know anything about the brand, has never heard of or experienced their lip spray service. So that means the first thing, you need to capture the psychology of customers who intend to improve their lip color and more advanced, even those who do not have the need because of your lip spray advertising article. that think.

We need to frankly admit that advertising is already something that is very easy to "dismiss" and in the business of sensitive products and services such as health and beauty, it is still difficult to build trust. furthermore. Obviously, people are more likely to trust a review than an advertisement. So, understanding this psychology, why don't we try to fix the small details to make the ad as "genuine" as the review? For example, instead of with a bold but unprofessional title sentence like "Cosmetology A specializes in beautiful and safe lip tattoo spray", try for simple but more secure keywords like " Experience the safe lip spray beauty service at the Spa" or suggestive and review-oriented questions such as "Where is it safe and reputable to spray lips, have a clear contract?” (This recipe you can use for seeding posts too), or it can also be more prominent like "What difference in lip spray service of GOLDGIRL beauty salon will convince you?".

The nature of the lip spray advertising article as mentioned is in the field of beauty and is aimed at women. But identifying all women as the target audience will be very "obsessed" and the ad will not have as strong appeal as you think. The solution is to stratify customer groups, for example by age:

  • Young people 20-25: "To make the lips more fresh and attractive, gently spraying lips will help her save the youthful and dreamy age, ...
  • Ages 30-40, middle-aged: “When your lip skin is starting to age, making you look dull and lack confidence? Try the cosmetic lip spray solution at [spa/cosmetic institute name]. We guarantee to advise the most suitable lip color, no need to hesitate or worry due to age because beauty is the prerogative of women, right?

Besides, you can change the format of lip spray advertising articles in the form of feedback, seeding or knowledge sharing. Feedback or seeding is limited, but once used, it requires sophistication, readers will be annoyed if there is not much specific information about certain cases or lack of convincing images, it will be counterproductive. there. As for knowledge sharing, there can be topics such as “Lip spray colors suitable for each face – Did you know?”, “Choosing lip spray color for U25 age without getting old” or “Spray lips” Is cosmetology safe?”,…

2. What should be avoided and added to the article promoting lip spray?

Bringing true images, words, not abusing "run incentives", limiting showing off achievements will help advertising articles to be received more positively.

In the first part, there were suggestions on what to add and avoid in the title and opening paragraph of the lip spray ad, right? However, to make the article more impressive, there are a few more tips.

First of all, use lots of illustrations, the more illustrations and real customer photos, the better. It's very taboo to run a lip-smacking salon and take pictures online, especially real people, because soon what you get in return will no longer be the trust of your customers.

Next is to limit the advertising articles that constantly appear with the words of offers or discounts. Because as mentioned, safety is very important in cosmetic use, so if a beauty salon constantly runs ads or gives "deep discount" a lot, it will raise doubts about its quality.

A more important point is to use more evidence instead of bragging about achievements and dense invitations to experience in the article. For example, you can share about the team of highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeons, or share about difficult cases but successful results, etc.

Hopefully, after consulting, a few tips shared above will be useful for you in the process of improving your skills in writing lip spray ads in particular and a series of other advertising articles related to sensitive areas. beauty by cosmetic methods in general. Hope you find a good idea for the article soon and all the best.

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