How to write apartment ads?

Building Content Marketing is one of the essential things for a business in general or for a real estate business in particular. This can help customers better understand their products. But, how to properly build an apartment advertisement is still a question mark for many of you. So, how to write an apartment advertisement properly, attracting the most clicks of customers?

Apartment advertising is one of the most important stages

1. What is the role of an apartment advertisement?

A good apartment advertisement will greatly help businesses in promoting products. It is one of the important stages, the first impressions that contribute to the success of the project, so every word is often carefully elaborated.

  • Apartment advertisements help customers better understand the product (specifically, where is the apartment located? How is it structured? What are the benefits of owning an apartment? What are the benefits? How does that benefit homeowners and investors? What is convenient around the apartment?, ...). Highlights of the apartment will be highlighted, causing curiosity and excitement for investors, thereby promoting the ability of customers to "close the sale" and want to get high-quality products.

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  • Secondly, through the process of customer research, businesses can also identify potential customers. Thereby, it is possible to approach and answer customers' questions about the apartments, building a firm trust for their customers.

  • A good apartment advertisement also contributes to the development of the brand image, increasing the ability to compete with many other competitors in the market. From there, it contributes to increasing customers' awareness of the value of the apartment that the business is aiming for, forming positive thoughts for customers.

  • Once you have the attention of customers, expanding the market will not be too difficult anymore.

  • High-quality ads also save costs for businesses.

Good apartment advertisements can save a lot of costs for businesses

2. How to write attractive apartment ads?

So how to create an apartment ad that attracts customers? An advertisement before being formed needs to follow these 5 steps:

  • Determine what the ad is about
  • Learn and analyze customer data (who are these customers? What areas do they focus on? What are their characteristics? What are most of their needs? ...). The above questions contribute to understanding the most common characteristics of the customers that the advertisement is aimed at.
  • Complete planning for an apartment advertisement
  • Completing the advertisement
  • Check, summarize and adjust the content

There are many advertisements that think the above steps are not important. Doing that again invisibly loses the value of an apartment advertisement.

How to create an apartment advertisement?

A typical apartment advertisement will follow these three steps:

  • Title part of the advertisement. This is the first part that customers will see. You can use a few "headline" words to attract more customers. 40% of the customer's impression will depend on the title

    For example: "What is it about apartment A that attracts so many customers?", or "Is it possible to invest in apartment A?", ...

  • The content of the advertisement. Make sure this content is concise, but not too sketchy. And must provide full information of the apartment to customers. Information needs to be presented logically, carefully selected and researched. Because this is the core part of an apartment advertisement, it is the part that will answer many customer questions (where is the apartment located? What are the benefits of owning that apartment? Is there transportation? Is it convenient? Regarding legal issues, how will the red book be owned? What is the price of the apartment? ...). The secret to this section is to provide answers to the questions that customers worry about the most. You can insert images related to the apartment, thereby giving customers the most general overview of the product.

  • The end. Often will make appeals to customers. Don't write ramblingly, you should summarize the content of the entire article. Do not forget to leave contact information at the end of the article so that customers can find out.

Recommended words used in this section are “homeowner/apartment owner”, “gorgeous”, “list price”, “cozy”, etc. Rigid, coercive words such as “urgent” or unrealistic descriptions will hardly attract buyers.

Optimizing an apartment ad is not an easy task. Hopefully through the article, you can create your own complete apartment advertisement!

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