The formula for writing articles to advertise drinking water to the top

Articles advertising drinking water is an advertising field that is not too strange, even very familiar. But because they appear a lot on the forums, the competition is higher than ever. So where should your ad article have a stable position at the top of search? Is it necessary to spend a large amount of money to run advertising or hire marketing at a significant cost? The answer is that as long as you take the time to refer to the sample articles, available recipes, flexibly apply to your drink advertising articles and avoid small mistakes, the effect is very surprising. . Soon, we will share with you the recipe and note to be able to build not one but a series of advertising articles for drinking water. to quickly get to the top of the search. Let's discover together now.

The formula for writing effective drink advertising articles to the top

1. Give an impressive title and opening paragraph for your drink advertisement article

The title is the first important factor for the article to both stay at the top and get the most views

An article promoting a drink but the title only mentions the brand or simply the name of the drink such as "Chia squash", "homemade passion fruit", ... will be very wasteful. This mistake not many of you make, but if a title is really named like the above, it is very difficult to keep readers even at the top. The reason is that "winter not every unit, every brand of yours has", "homemade passion fruit, but not only your house makes". The problem here is that this title does not satisfy the impressive input or intrigue the reader. Again, naming the title with the name of the drink itself will be difficult to create effective SEO articles to achieve the top.

Some formulas you can apply to improve the title of your drink promotion article:

  • Using rhyming sentences (depending on the situation and improvisation), this method is a bit difficult in choosing rhyming words, but the effect is quite worth it, if the purpose is not only for website posts but also on the Internet. fanpage for example, you can already be 2 or 3 times more impressive to the readers of this drink advertisement article: "Chia squash – Delicious drink – give you 25 branches of love", " Premium passion fruit drink – instantly restores the body”,…
  • Ingenious combination of the advantages of the drink: "Peach orange lemongrass tea immediately cools down the heat", "The drink that improves the skin - super low calories - gotu kola, oolong, ...", "Daily drink for the heart stronger pulses – Pure Espresso from Comrade Coffee’s house”,…

2. Ideas for the body of the article promoting the drink

Some small ideas to make a big change for the drink advertisement you need to know

In the body of this drink advertising article, the first thing that is important is the form and what we always need to remember is that this is an advertisement, not a product report, much less the nature of a product. Essay about brand achievements. Although it is not denied that the mentality of wanting to put all the good and good things of the drink in the body of the article advertising the drink is wrong or not, the note here is how we divide and arrange the ideas. Regardless of the field of advertising, it is not easy for readers to have the patience to read the full ad. Therefore, the whiskers and sentences are not necessary for information but also do not create any emotional effects for the psychology and behavior of the reader, so pay attention to omit, for example, some cliché sentences that in the 3 we will give you more specific examples.

You can mention the outstanding ingredients of the drink and insert at least one or two words that have the effect of “stimulating the taste buds”: “Extraordinary grape juice is extremely sweet and sour”, “Soda [brand name] brand] cool mint flavor for hot days", "Sweet, fragrant milk tea with new cheese flavor",...

There is also another quite effective way that a famous beverage brand, Coca-Cola, has implemented in many of its media campaigns, making this drink everywhere in the top search. That way is to tell a story or use quotes that strike the reader's positive psychology in the body of the drink advertisement. Positive here does not mean funny and happy, but it is also touching and nostalgic with sentence opening samples such as: "Love Tet in every moment, ...", "Remember the autumn of Hanoi in the past. Decades ago, we walked around the lake drinking a cup of lotus tea", "Quan La corn milk wants to spread to you the taste of the countryside, of the warm warmth on cold days in Hanoi",...

3. A small note to improve the ranking of the article advertising the drink so that it can reach the top fastest

Some notes and tips on using limited keywords and phrases to make your article more competitive

The first note is to immediately change the priority criteria for the Drink Promotion Article if you think it needs to be well written. If you write well but don't optimize for keywords, your article's ability to reach readers is also very low. Please refer to the following tips to put keywords in the title and content of the article in the most effective way.

The first tip is to use the Google Search search engine. For example, as long as you enter “Drink water”, a series of suggested suggestions will be “Drink for weight loss”, “Drink for drinking” or when you enter “What to drink”, the suggestion will be “Drink What to do in the morning to have energy” or “What to drink at night to lose weight”,…. Surely the proposals at that time are quite popular or at least you will come up with ideas in the right direction faster.

The next trick that a drink advertisement article needs to be more competitive is to use keywords like “delicious drinks”, “drinks to try”, “…” in the first sentence of the paragraph. write and reappear with reasonable frequency. You can refer to some ways to open sentences with keywords in drinks advertising articles, for example: "Let this delicious and nutritious drink product help you regain your inspiration to study and work", for example. "It's not enough to be a delicious drink, Quan A's chia seed squash is also good for your skin and body - have you tried it?", even with bolder sentences with the keyword phrase "Beverage should be experienced." Try it once because the next time you will be "addicted",…

Finally, what should be avoided is to limit the use of clichéd product compliments such as "Delicious drinks" or "Excellent drinks" or completely flattering brand names such as "Products are manufactured by the same company". most reputable in the market”. Instead, you can use real pictures or figures to "show off" your achievements instead of words.

In addition, knowing how to take advantage and invest in tools to support running ads at the right time will also help your drink advertising article to be on the top significantly, more competitive. However, the competitiveness is created even by many factors, the most important is still the sentence material in the original article, right? Just a few small changes as above, but if you can improve every day, the results will be well worth it. Wishing you all the best.

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