Write promotional content to open a cafe so that it is attractive?

In order to program a content post for the topic of advertising the opening of a cafe how to be both attractive and quality, it seems that it is easy, but it is not easy. Having to capture the psychology and desires of customers while expressing it in every word, detail, and image in a new article is really a challenge, especially for soldiers new” has just started on the path of content writing. So, to get an attractive cafe opening advertisement content, try to refer to the following steps..

Stage 1 – Real experience

Why does writing “advertisement for opening a cafe” need actual experience?

  • First of all, a café opening promotion article” needs to be extremely attractive. And the first criterion to get that is to follow the criterion of hundreds of hearing is not equal to one seeing, that is, authenticity must always be on top. Instead of sitting at home, reading a few lines of com-men without knowing how real - fake, why not set foot in the shop yourself to confirm. Enjoying the drinks and flavors, honestly feeling the space of the restaurant to the service of the staff, etc., will help you have more material to write an authentic advertisement, attractive and also have more inspiration and emotions to come up with unique ideas for your advertising articles.

Photo: FB Love Rosie Rooftop Cafe

Stage 2 – Set up a really “cool” name for the advertisement article

1. The importance of headlines

With a newly opened cafe, it is difficult for people to fall in love with the cafe at first sight but if you know how to write it, it\'s all just ez game. In particular, an extremely important step is to set a title for the article to advertise the opening of the shop that is attractive, unique, and must highlight the speciality of the shop compared to other cafes.

2. Suggestions on how to title the ad

A tip to always keep in mind when naming the title for article advertising the opening of a cafe is: mention the name of the shop right in the title. We can refer to the naming of the title as follows:

  • Associating the name of the coffee shop with the characteristics of the space, the layout of the shop: For example, the name of the shop is Nola cafe: Hiding peacefully in Nola cafe - the most loving cafe with colorful umbrellas nestled In the middle of the noisy old town” – Because the shop is located on the 2nd floor of Hanoi\'s old street with a quiet space and decorated with colorful umbrellas.

  • Associate the name of the cafe with an emotion, an action: For example, the name of the cafe is Twilight Rooftop: Twilight Rooftop - Rooftop Coffee Shop with a view of Saigon Extreme Chill.

Stage 3 – Choosing the type of article

1. Why choose the type of advertising article?

Content creation is unlimited, so feel free to choose for yourself the appropriate form of presentation and you feel most confident, as long as it is highly effective because the more different, the more breakthrough it will attract. and attractive.

2. What types of advertising articles are there?

  • Can sharing a review become an advertisement?

This form will be very suitable if you have made a real experience trip to the restaurant, because through it you can state the most authentic feelings and experiences about the drink, about the space, about the restaurant. The service of the staff…

In the article advertising the opening of a cafe, the reader will not care about what means of transport you are in, or how many trees there are in the shop, etc. So, try to be clear, clear, and detailed. Detailed, coherent, avoid lengthy, rambling, preferably in the length of 800-1000 words accompanied by 3-4 best photos of the shop to draw readers to the shop. Also, be very subtle in your writing and wording to give the reader a feeling of trust in what you write and not feel like you\'re overdoing it or as a gimmick.

  • Advertising with images, why not?

With a newly opened cafe, what people need to know besides the drinks, its view is also very important. So, in many cases, visual advertising will be a reasonable thing. With this type of article, it will require a large investment in terms of images. Each post should have 8-12 images, with comments or notes if needed. In addition, in order to get the best images, it is necessary to carefully prepare from the light, choose the standout moments of the shop (the restaurant space, the scene of the staff working, the scene of customers and drinks, ...), and must be especially assured of image quality.

However, a small minus point in this form is that readers will only feel about the appearance of the shop, but have not advertised the restaurant in general. Therefore, the writer needs to skillfully integrate information so that the reader can grasp the generality, thereby increasing the effect of the advertisement.

Finally, an attractive and attractive promotional article for opening a cafe, should always adhere to the rule: subtle and honest: Subtle so that readers do not feel this is an advertising gimmick and Be honest so that readers are not disappointed when reading your article and trusting to set foot in the shop but only receive back what is called hanging goat\'s head selling dog meat.

Hope the article will help you. Good luck.

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